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Pachyveria Scheideckeri 'Albocarinata' Plant

Pachyveria Scheideckeri 'Albocarinata' Plant

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Pachyveria Scheideckeri 'Albocarinata' has irregular, often cylinder shaped leaves with striking leaf colors.

They produces multiple branches with these striking silver/white rosettes.

They can also produce these lovely pink tinges if put in high light levels.

Box Contains:

  • Live plant.
  • Inner Nursery Approx 2.5 inch Pot with soil.
  • Round Plastic Outer Pot: Approx Size: 3 inch.
  • Each unit individually packed in tamper-proof cardboard box.

Care Instructions:

  • Full Direct - Partial Sunlight.
  • Water when the top soil in the pot feels dry to touch.
  • Water once a week in the morning or evening time.
  • Do not over water the plant. As the rule of thumb water thoroughly in the summer & reduce watering in winter & rainy seasons.
  • Remove dead infected or damaged plant parts & discard them away from the plant.
  • Repot only when the plant goes beyond the pot size.
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