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Orchid N Petals

Magic Spray

Magic Spray

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Ready to Use plant growth booster, derived from naturally occurring herbal extracts.

This solution is specially formulated for indoor plants. Magic Spray enhances photosynthesis of plants and increases flowering and fruiting.

Gardening, Indoor plants, Growth, Leaf shine, Flowering, Fruiting, Lush Green Garden, Organic Nutrients, Essential Micronutrients.

Ready to Use plant protector, derived from naturally occurring herbal extracts.

This solution enhances immunity of plants and eradicates variety of plant diseases.Our organic liquid fertilizer for home garden is made from sustainably-sourced ingredients, providing plants with a rich source of nutrients for healthy growth.

Easy to Spray, our liquid fertilizer for plants home garden is suitable for use in pots, and containers, as well as for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Use our fertilizer to give your plants the boost they need to reach their full potential, resulting in more abundant blooms and bigger yields.

Designed by Cropthetics, our organic fertilizer for plants is made to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive, resulting in a beautiful and abundant home garden.

Used for: Gardening, Indoor plants, Growth, Flowering, Lush green, Organic Nutrients.

Container Type: Spray Bottle (Liquid).

Qty: 825 ml.

Chemical Composition: Herbal Extracts.

Box Contains: Sealed spray bottle with spray trigger.

Storage Condition: Keep Away From Direct Sunlight. Shelf Life: 3 Years.

Warranty: Since id the use of the product is beyond our control,the manufacturer cant assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.

Note: For gardening use only, Not for farm and agriculture use. 

*Prices are inclusive of transportation charges.

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