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Cute Female Resin Doll Planter with Green Syngonium Plant - ONPD001

Cute Female Resin Doll Planter with Green Syngonium Plant - ONPD001

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One of the most eye catching & unique product.

Perfect for holding small potted plants, succulent or other cactus plants.

Made of high quality resin, it is lite & durable. Suitable for decorating home & office.

Suitable for table tops, rooms., it is a great gift for giveaway as all segment will appreciate for such unique gift.

Multiple male & female doll options available with customize colors for bulk orders.

Product: Resin Doll Planter.

Plant: Green Syngonium Seedlings.

Material: Resin.

Approx Planter Size: (Height: 4 inch x Dia: 2 inch).

Important Note:

  • These are handmade painting on resin doll, so color may vary.
  • Size mentioned above is approx size for all doll planter, may vary a bit.
  • Non returnable product.

Box Contains:

  • Doll Planter with Plant.
  • Each unit individually packed in tamper-proof cardboard box.

Care Instructions:

  • Natural Indirect / Artificial bright light is ideal for plant growth.
  • Sprinkle water when the top soil in the pot feels dry to touch.
  • Sprinkle water twice a week in the morning or evening time.
  • Do not over water the plant. As the rule of thumb water thoroughly in the summer & reduce watering in winter & rainy seasons.
  • Remove dead infected or damaged plant parts & discard them away from the plant.
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